I have been living in London, Ontario, for more than 10 years now. I like this city and as a writer, one way of expressing my liking is to showcase this city in my stories. This blog will provide information on my stories featuring London and London’s highlights and also on any stories or novels I come across that feature London in one way or another.

This blog will also be used to provide any news or information about literary events and activities in London.

If you are a writer and have used London locales in your story, let me know and I will post about it. If you know of any literary event taking place, also let me know about it and I will post it here.

Here is hoping this blog will help increase London’s visibility on the literary map.

Note: Free fiction will be frequently featured. Now how’s that for alliteration, eh? :)

To check the posts on this blog, please look under the “Recent Posts” heading in the column on the right.

Another Note: O ye people of London! If you like the idea of this blog, please think of subscribing to it by clicking on the “sign me up” button in the column to the right. If you have a web presence, think of linking to this blog. I will be glad to provide you a reciprocal link upon request.


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